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Maintenance Section

  • 10 Tips on Running A Successful Gym/Fitness Facility/Studio

    Reach your financial goals by helping others reach their fitness and health goals. Follow Gym Tech’s advice on running a successful gym facility or studio.

    Should You Upgrade the Fitness Equipment in Your Facility?

    Whether you have equipment in a health club, condo fitness room, or hotel gym, there is an increasing demand for features in fitness equipment that attract new customers.

    Fitness Equipment Maintenance is Key to Success

    Most fitness center owners and managers don't give maintenance much thought. However, maintenance is key to the success of any fitness center. In the long run, maintenance may even be more important than sales.
  • Preventative Maintenance Keeps Equipment Healthy

    Regardless of the number of machines in your fitness center, and no matter what their workloads, a concerted preventive maintenance effort is crucial.

    Preventative Maintenance Is Good For Business

    Routine preventive maintenance minimizes down time, extends equipment life and reduces your possible liability. You save money on parts, fitness equipment repair and most importantly keep your clients happy.

    Gym Equipment Maintenance Ensures Member Retention and a Successful Facility

    Owning and running a gym is no easy task. Your exercise equipment, fitness equipment and gym equipment need to be in tip-top shape in order to keep your facility successful and ensures member retention.
  • Gym Equipment Maintenance & Safety

    Maintaining your fitness equipment increases machine efficiency, reduces cost of future repairs and most importantly increase user safety!

    Developing a Maintenance Schedule for Your Gym

    Fitness equipment and gym equipment require preventative maintenance to be performed in order to ensure functionality, safety for users and longevity of your machines.

    Tips For Gym Equipment Maintenance

    Not only do you increase the longevity of exercise equipment, you also save money on future repairs and ensures your safety while operating your machines.

DIY Section

  • Calibration of a Star Trac E Series Touchscreen

    The following procedure will guide you through the Touchscreen calibration of the E Series E-TRe and E-TRxe treadmills.

The Spotter

  • The Spotter Volume 1 Issue 1 - September 2011

    Group Cycle Maintenance, Testing & Changing Fitness Equipment Batteries

    The Spotter Volume 2 Issue 1 - January 2012

    Stair Stepper Maintenance, Checking & Replacing Life Fitness Wax Bags

    The Spotter Volume 2 Issue 2 - April 2012

    Treadmill Maintenance
  • The Spotter Volume 2 Issue 3 - July 2012

    Elliptical Maintenance & Elliptical Buyers Guide

    The Spotter Volume 2 Issue 4 - November 2012

    Exercise Bike Maintenance & Bike Battery Checking/Replacing.

    The Spotter Volume 3 Issue 1 - January 2013

    Strength Equipment Maintenance, Tips & Tricks
  • The Spotter Volume 3 Issue 2 - April 2013

    Putting a Fitness Center into an existing building, hassle-free fitness center, and fitness equipment repair warranties explained

    The Spotter Volume 3 Issue 3 - July 2013

    Secrets of Successful Small Club Operators, Rower Maintenance, Matrix Treadmill Calibration, and Matrix's newest group cycles with MyRide

    The Spotter Volume 3 Issue 4 - October 2013

    Difference Between Residential and Commercial Equipment, Discount Could Be Hurting Your Training Business, Matrix Functional Trainer & Multi-gym
  • The Spotter Volume 4 Issue 1 - January 2014

    Rotating Staircase Maintenance, Matrix 7xi Recumbent & Upright Cycles & Technology Makes Tracking Attendance in Group Exercise, Group Cycling Easier for Health Clubs and Members

    The Spotter Volume 4 Issue 2 - April 2014

    Health Club Companies Make Push for Members Through Digital, Direct Advertising, Replacing A Matrix Running Belt, Hassle Free Fitness Center, Matrix T3X Treadmill

    The Spotter Volume 4 Issue 3 - August 2014

    Fitness Facilities Expand Weight-Loss Offerings to Meet Demands, Improve Results and Increase Revenue, Installing Rubber Flooring, Hassle Free Fitness Center, StairMaster Stepmill 5
  • The Spotter Volume 5 Issue 1 - January 2015

    Three Things Member Retention Is Not, Changing the Keypad on a Stairmaster SM5, Hassle-Free Fitness Center, Star Trac E-TRxe Treadmill

    The Spotter Volume 5 Issue 2 - May 2015

    Capture the Power of Small Group Training for Better Retention at Your Fitness Facility, Calibration of Star Trac E Series Touchscreen, Star Trac eSpinner and more!

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