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Gym Clean and Disinfect

A gym or fitness center is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Sweat produced from exercising is transferred to the machines and the residue can lead to the spread of disease.

It is recommended to always have a towel with you while working so that you can absorb perspiration and keep it from getting on the equipment. The towel may also be used to avoid direct contact with the equipment.

You can probably trust yourself to not let sweat get on the bench, pads, treadmill or other equipment but can you trust someone else?

Gym Tech knows the kind of wear and tear that exercise machines go through over time and sweat is one of the most contributing factors towards the degradation of fitness equipment. The sweat causes corrosion and rust which we find all over many different kinds of machines!

Protect your members from infecting each other with a contagious sickness and protect the investment of your fitness equipment by regularly cleaning and disinfecting your fitness center.

We advise all of our clients to keep their gym or fitness center clean at all times and to have their members practice good habits such as wiping down the seats of the sweat after each use. We recommend that gyms and fitness centers deep clean and disinfect all their gym equipment at least twice a month (depending on frequency of use).

Take the headace out of cleaning and disinfecting your gym, hire a certified Gym Tech technician to clean and maintain your fitness equipment today!

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