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Free Assessment

Free Facility Assessment Plus Two On-Site Demonstrations

Gym Tech is the ONLY company to offer 1 free facility assessment and two on-site equipment demonstrations!

During the demonstrations:

  • Teach and educate your facility’s patrons,  residents, shareholders and staff on how to properly and safely use all equipment
  • Answer any questions about the fitness equipment

During the assessments:

  • Visual inspection to verify integrity of all machines
  • Estimation of condition of all cardio equipment
  • Inspection of cables, nuts, bolts and amount of lubrication on all strength equipment

How does this free service benefit you and your facility?

  • Lowers your liability!
  • You’ll receive a recommendation on which equipment requires service, maintenance or replacement
  • You’ll extend the life of your equipment with the Gym Tech Preventative Maintenance Program

Free Gym Assessment Service Request Form

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