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9 Tips On Running A Successful Gym

Reach your financial goals by helping others reach their fitness and health goals! Follow Gym Tech’s advice on running a successful gym facility or studio. #1 Create a Budget Create a budget for the year. Take into account last year’s earnings, expenses and operating costs. The resulting number will aid…

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Should You Upgrade Your Fitness Equipment?

Whether you have equipment in a health club, condo fitness room, or hotel gym, there is an increasing demand for features in fitness equipment that attract new customers. As manufacturers compete to bring in users, new cardio and strength equipment offers features that can render your existing equipment obsolete. Since…

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Fitness Equipment Maintenance Is Key To Success

MAINTENANCE AFFECTS EVERYONEMembers go to your fitness center to work out. If they can’t work out because the equipment is broken, then your facility isn’t fulfilling its primary purpose. To members, seeing “out of order” signs on equipment represents a failure on the part of the fitness center; they’ll either…

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Product Safety

Product Safety & Government Regulations All consumer products, including gym equipment, are subject toregulation by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Whenever a product becomes a known hazard, the CPSC will take action, such as product recalls, news releases or, in extreme cases, legal action. If you regularly use gym…

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