Preventative Maintenance Is Good For Business

Preventative_Maintenance_Is_Good_For_Business“Out of service” signs are bad for business. Routine preventive maintenance minimizes down time, extends equipment life and reduces your possible liability. You save money on parts, fitness equipment repair and most importantly keep your clients happy.

Cleanliness and lubrication are perhaps the two most important factors in gym equipment maintenance and longevity. Whether you have a few pieces of equipment or hundreds between multiple locations, following manufacturer guidelines for service, cleaning and lubrication optimizes fitness equipment performance and significantly extends its useful and profitable life.

Perspiration is a major corrosive force, so constant attention is sweat-on-fitness-equipmentrequired to minimize damage. Your equipment should be cleaned after each use with fitness equipment safe cleansers, especially those parts in contact with exercising users (grips, seats, pads and consoles).

If you make equipment safe cleaning supplies and towels readily available, many users will clean as courtesy to the next user. Be sure to read all cleanser labels thoroughly and consult equipment operations manuals to avoid any harmful materials or reactions.

The consequences of dirty equipment go well beyond aesthetics, of course. The spread of germs and viruses through contact with equipment is a serious health concern. Oil and dirt left behind by users also can interfere with sensors that track heart rate and other stats as well as cause deterioration of equipment padding. But these aren’t the consequences members see or are typically concerned about when they pick up a wipe or a spray bottle to clean off equipment.

It is wise to establish a daily cleaning routine backed by a weekly and monthly gym equipment maintenance schedule. Find out how to create a gym equipment maintenance schedule. Create an inspection checklist numbering each piece of fitness equipment to keep an accurate log. Cardiovascular equipment requires more frequent maintenance, especially indoor group exercise cycles and treadmills. All your indoor cycles should be tuned on a weekly basis to assure optimum and uniform performance. Worn grips, seats and pedals should be replaced immediately.

strength-equipment-safetyRegular inspections help prevent damage to equipment drive systems and electronics, which are the most costly items during exercise equipment repair. To reduce down time it is wise to perform these gym equipment maintenance and inspections of all your fitness equipment to prevent unneeded repairs. Although cardiovascular equipment requires the most attention, be sure to keep your strength equipment guide rods lubricated and replace pulleys and cables at the first signs of wear to prevent damage or injuries.

A great way to help alleviate the stress of performing maintenance or inspections is to employee a fitness equipment repair and maintenance specialists like the award wining Gym Tech! Our gym equipment maintenance program is the most comprehensive in the industry. Our techs keep you equipment working efficiently and safely which reducing the need for repairs through regular maintenance. Contact Gym Tech today for more information.


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