Gym Equipment Maintenance Ensures Member Retention and a Successful Facility

Maintenance_Ensures_Member_Retention_Successful_FacilityGym members, who frequently see “out of order” posters on fitness equipment, will begin to think that your establishment is not up to par with other facilities and will take their business elsewhere, not to mention those interested in joining will think twice before they do. This shows that you have poor management running your facility and that the machines are hardly usable. This will have a negative long term impact on your business. By properly maintaining your equipment, you are ensuring safety for your members, member retention, longevity of your machines and a successful facility. Gym Tech provides an unparalleled preventative maintenance program 24_Hour_Guaranteein the industry. We guarantee a 24 response time!

Here are a few tips for maintaining your gym equipment:

Your exercise equipment will have a manual from the manufacturer. Be sure to check the manual so that you know how often to schedule maintenance to be performed on your equipment. You can create a schedule for your staff to perform maintenance on a daily, weekly and months basis or Gym Tech can take care of that for you. Avoid headaches with scheduling and assigning your staff to perform maintenance by hiring the experts at Gym Tech to perform gym equipment maintenance. We offer an unparalleled preventative maintenance program in the industry! If you would prefer handling preventative maintenance on your own, Gym Tech provides superb preventative maintenance kits.

Always keep your fitness equipment and gym equipment clean. There will be times when gym members will forget to wipe down the equipment after using them. Have your staff wipe down the equipment and disinfect the surfaces where skin comes into contact with the machine in order to prevent the spread of germs.

Be sure to take notice of any equipment that is used mostMaintenance_is_good_for_business frequently. Equipment that is most used will need maintenance more often than those that are not. Poorly maintained equipment carries the risk of injury to any person who uses the equipment. Not to mention that if maintenance is not performed, you risk the breakdown of machines. Gym Tech also provides fitness equipment repair. We can also provide you with any new machines that your may need!

Inspect your equipment on a daily basis. Inspecting your exercise equipment on a daily basis allows your staff or yourself to notice any worn parts that may need replacing. If there are any cracks in any hard pieces of a machine or frays in any cables, contact an exercise equipment repair company immediately. Do not try to repair fitness equipment on your own, let professionals handle it. Gym Tech can also provide you with any fitness equipment parts you may need for your machines.

By following these easy to follow steps you are ensuring that your gym stays in great shape, retains your members and saves you from future costly repairs!

Gym Tech’s Preventative Maintenance Program is the most comprehensive maintenance program in the industry. It is designed to keep your equipment working safely and efficiently and to reduce the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance. Contact Gym Tech today for more information or click here to schedule a gym equipment preventative maintenance call today.

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